Alta Clean gives Your Business the Best Floor Cleaning in Denton, TX

Floor Cleaning Denton TXAs a business owner, you want your floors to be inviting and attractive, so you need expert floor cleaning in Denton, TX; and the best way to achieve this is to call Alta Clean. We clean all flooring types and do so at a time that’s convenient for you and your customers.

It’s all about shine and brilliance when it comes to floor cleaning in Denton, TX, because your customers need to know that they’re in a facility that cares about appearances. Let us help you achieve this, so that your customers come back, and even tell others!
Call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 to bring back the sheen your floors once had. And if they’re new, we will help keep them spotless.

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Floor Cleaning Denton TX: How Employees Can Help Keep Floors Spotless

Floor Cleaning Denton TXFloor cleaning in Denton TX is best left to professionals. Any well-traveled office floor falls victim to muddy shoe prints, spilled drinks, paint, food and other messes. A trained commercial cleaning crew uses the best products to clean floors and leave them sparkling and safe. In between visits by a cleaning service, office workers should do their part to keep floors, carpets and other areas tidy.

 Once or twice a year, have employees clean their workspaces, the refrigerator and common areas they use on a regular basis. This helps keep the entire office tidy and contributes to camaraderie and gives everyone a sense of pride in keeping their surroundings clean. Managers can assign employees once a week or once a month cleaning tasks. This keeps workspaces – and floors – cleaner, preventing the need for extra commercial floor cleaning in Denton TX.

Follow General Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Office Floor Clean
 In addition to scheduled yearly or weekly in-office cleaning, employees can keep floors and the entire office cleaner between janitorial visits by following these tips:

  • If employees use cleaning solvents or chemicals, be sure to put them back in a closet or storage area. Don’t leave them on a desk or counter where they can spill and cause stains.
  • Have employees monitor their immediate areas daily and remove clutter than may cause cleanliness or health issues.
  • Employees should wipe up spills on floors immediately, instead of leaving it for the cleaning crew. Even a light cleaning with a paper towel will prevent deep stains from setting.

Commercial Office Floor Cleaning Services in Denton TX Now Use “Green and Clean” Products

When your office cleaners arrive, they’ll use safe cleaning products and machinery to minimize air pollutants that can cause health problems for employees with allergies or health issues. Manufacturers of floor care equipment now make products that use less water and fewer harsh chemicals. This machinery polishes, strips and refinishes floors more efficiently, saving time and money. Some equipment for floor cleaning contains brushes instead of rotary pads, for a gentle, but more thorough way of scrubbing surfaces. Some machines offer built-in vacuums to catch contaminants that might become airborne and cause air quality problems in the office.

Alta Clean floor cleaning in Denton TX provides experienced crews to clean and polish floors weekly, a few times a week, or every day. We also offer custom cleaning, hard surface finishing and maintenance and other commercial cleaning services. Call us today at 940-355-0494 for a free quote.

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Make a lasting impression on your customers by using the best commercial cleaning service in Denton, TX!

Cleaning Service Denton TXNo matter how well-decorated or aesthetically pleasing your building is, the most important element of appearance is cleanliness. If your business isn’t well-cleaned, your customers will look right past expensive decor and see only dingy floors and dirty windows. Having a clean business leaves a lasting impression on your customers. In order to achieve that crucial first impression, you need the best cleaning service in Denton, TX. Not to worry, Alta Clean can help. We’ve been keeping Denton sparkling clean for years. Regardless of your business size, we can fulfill your cleaning needs. Our experienced janitors work around your schedule, so your business can run smoothly without interruptions. We’re the best cleaning service in Denton, TX, so call us today for a cleaning service consultation!

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Housekeeping Tips from Your Carpet Cleaning Experts in Denton TX

carpet cleaning dentonAt Alta Clean, we offer a variety of janitorial services, including commercial carpet cleaning in Denton. We are here whenever you need carpet cleaning for your business in Denton, and we also understand that keeping your home carpet clean can be a challenge–especially if you have small children or pets. We want to help our valued customers with cleaning in every aspect of their lives, so today we’ll give you some tips on how to keep your home carpets clean and fresh.

  • Vacuum. As simple as it sounds, vacuuming at least once a week can actually extend the life of your carpet. When a carpet is not vacuumed frequently enough, tough particles can imbed into and cut the fibers of your carpet.
  • More Traffic Means More Cleaning. Certain areas in your home see more foot traffic–like hallways and near couches where people rest their feet. Because they are naturally prone to be dirtier, these areas should be vacuumed often–more than once a week–to avoid build-up of dirt and grime. And don’t forget the areas that get no traffic at all. About once a month, use your crevice tool to vacuum areas that don’t get vacuumed regularly, like around baseboards, around radiators, and under couches.
  • Once is Not Enough. Those tough dirt particles that we mentioned can be hard to capture. Go over each area of carpet at least twice each time you vacuum, to be sure your vacuum is picking up as much dirt as possible.
  • Take it Slow. Vacuuming several times will not do the trick unless you vacuum slowly, ensuring that the vacuum’s suction gets to all the dirt and dust that has been ground into the carpet.
  • Prepare and Prevent. You can help prevent odors with one simple trick: put some baking soda in your vacuum bag. You can also help prevent dirt build-up: if your carpet is new or has been newly cleaned by a professional, you can apply soil retardant to extend the life and look of your carpet. When applying soil retardant yourself, remember to only use professional equipment and follow recommended application methods.

Over the next few months we’ll continue to give you home cleaning tips, so be on the lookout for help with things like carpet stain removal and odor removal. When you need commercial carpet cleaning in Denton, call the professionals at Alta Clean. We do quality, affordable work, all on your schedule.

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