Keep Your Office and Workers Protected

Today more than ever, businesses are relying on professional cleaning and disinfection services to not only keep their offices clean, but to keep their employees safe. Keep your offices running and your workers protected with regular Electrostatic Sanitization and Disinfection cleaning by Alta Clean.

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What is Electrostatic Sanitization?

Electrostatic sanitization uses a specialized sprayer and disinfectant which is able to more evenly and completely cover surfaces. An electrode within the sprayer nozzle creates a positive charge within the disinfectant solution that then bonds and sticks to negatively charged surfaces. This not only makes the disinfection more effective, but it also makes it possible for your technician to disinfect areas which are not possible to reach with traditional “cloth and spray” cleaning.

Electrostatic cleaning and sanitization is a scientifically proven and widely trusted method for achieving the highest level of disinfection. It is widely used for sanitization in:

  • Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical buildings
  • Science labs, research facilities, and other buildings which require clean rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Office complexes
  • Government buildings
  • Subways, airplanes, trains and other forms of mass transit
  • Gyms and other athletic facilities

Electrostatic Sanitization and Covid-19

Electrostatic disinfection and sanitization is a proven method of eliminating the virus which causes Covid-19 from surfaces found all throughout offices, medical facilities, and other buildings. For many offices, Covid-19 cleaning has become an essential routine in their cleaning program, especially as they welcome more and more employees back to the office.

Electrostatic sanitization can be performed quickly, even multiple times throughout the day as needed, and is a touch-free process that is safe for a properly equipped sanitation technician. Keep your team as safe as possible with regular professional Covid-19 cleaning by Alta Clean.

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