Carpet Cleaning Denton: Tips For Choosing The Right Office Carpeting

carpet cleaning dentonWhen you own a business in Denton, TX, appearance is very important, especially if your business has carpeted offices and public spaces.  Depending on the size of your office or business, your carpeting covers a lot of area and is usually the first thing visitors notice.  If you don’t want smells or stains building up in your carpeting, you hire a company that does professional carpet cleaning Denton.  But before you think about cleaning a dirty carpet, you should think about choosing the right carpet for your space.

1.  How much foot traffic do you anticipate?  In offices or areas where you’re going to have high traffic, you should choose a carpet that is more durable and resistant to stains.  In low traffic offices, you can choose a plush or light-colored carpet.

2.  How much money do you want to spend?  You can have a budget for carpeting in mind but you may have to stretch it to buy a higher-quality carpet now that will save you money in the long-run. If your budget is strict and can only cover the cost of a lower-end carpet, then remember that you’ll have to budget for a replacement sooner than you would with a higher-quality carpet.

3.  What type of carpet do you want?  Once you’ve decided how much foot traffic you’ll have and how much you can spend, you should start thinking about choosing the right fiber and construction for your carpeting.

–  Commercial carpeting usually comes in two fibers – olefin and nylon.  Carpeting made with olefin fibers

is less expensive and doesn’t stand up to foot traffic as well as carpeting with nylon fibers.  It does,

however, have good stain-resistant qualities.  Nylon fiber carpeting is more expensive but stands up to

heavy foot traffic for longer periods of time.

–  The construction of commercial carpeting can be loop, cut pile or tile.  The most common type of

commercial carpet is loop.  The fibers in the carpet are looped through the backing making a carpet

that is less luxurious-feeling than other carpet types but more durable.  Carpet cleaning Denton is

usually easier with loop carpeting.  Cut pile is more plush and looks more high-end.  It is more prone

to wear from foot traffic and is harder to keep clean.  Tile carpet is loop or cut pile set into a rubber

backing and put into place in squares.  This makes it easier to replace when it is stained or damaged,

but, of the three, it’s the most expensive.

4.  What’s your office style?  Even if money is tight and you have to buy a less expensive rug, you still have construction type and color options to choose from.  Select carpeting that complements your office decor, wall colors and wood.  Dark carpeting or carpeting with a pattern is better at hiding stains than light-colored carpeting.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing carpeting for your office.  Stay within your budget if possible and choose colors and textures that are both pleasing and functional.  Most importantly, get professional carpet cleaning Denton help from Alta Clean.  We are a complete janitorial services company and have many years of experience in cleaning and maintaining office carpeting.  Visit our website at to learn more about us and then call us at 940-355-0494 to schedule an appointment.

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