Breaking Down the Cost of Hiring Commercial Cleaners

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When looking for commercial cleaners in Denton, TX, one of the first considerations you’ll likely take is how much the services will cost you. In fact, it’s usually the first question people ask when inquiring about a company’s services. It’s important to remember that commercial cleaning companies use a number of factors to determine the cost. Before you hire a company to clean your business, you should take a look at how you may be charged.

Price Per Hour

Some companies charge their clients by the hour to clean their office spaces. They will likely come out to the site and inspect the property. They will take a look at how large the area is, how much cleaning is required and the different types of surfaces there. For instance, windows, kitchens and bathrooms often take the most time to clean. If your place of business has many of these, you may end up paying a little more for services.

After the evaluation, you will likely receive an estimate from the company. It’s important to get multiple estimates so you can determine a fair price for your place of business.

Price Per Square Foot

Some companies charge by the square foot for their cleaning services. Choosing this option has its advantages and disadvantages. The larger the space, the more it is going to cost.

A smaller office space will likely save money by going with a company that charges by the square foot. This may also be a smart way to go if your office space will require a good amount of work and time to clean it, like if there are extra bathrooms, kitchens or other problem areas.

Flat Rate

Commercial cleaners also use a flat rate to clean office spaces. These companies will often send someone out to evaluate the space. They will take a look at how big the area is, how much cleaning will be involved, how many people it will take and how many hours the job is. The employee will give you a quote after the evaluation.

Alta Clean Can Help Your Space Stay in Top Condition

When looking for commercial cleaners in Denton, TX, consider Alta Clean. We offer a variety of different schedules to meet your needs. Alta Clean also provides window washing, high dusting, sterile room cleaning, carpet care and restoration and a variety of other cleaning services. Call us today at (940) 355-0494 to receive a quote, or visit for more information.

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