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janitorial equipment supplier in DentonIf you’re looking for reliable cleaning services in the Denton area, Alta Clean can help you keep your offices looking good. We have a cleaning staff trained to handle any office cleaning chore, from after-holiday party cleanup to window washing and carpet care. For office upkeep between cleaning appointments, we are a top janitorial equipment supplier in Denton. We sell eco-friendly cleaning equipment to keep your windows, floors, carpets and desks spotless, and our staff uses the same products when they clean your office.

We offer cleaning services that fit your schedule, from once a week to every day. Call Alta Clean, janitorial equipment supplier in Denton at 940-355-0494 for cleaning supplies and onsite cleaning by professional janitors.

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Tips for Window Cleaning in Denton, TX

Window cleaning denton tx | Alta CleanWhen it comes to keeping your business looking great, Alta Clean offers you peace of mind with trained staff, superior cleaning products, and schedules that fit your building’s busy pace. We also provide the best window cleaning in Denton, TX, so that your building looks equally inviting, inside and out. Want to give your home windows that same professional shine? Use the tips below to keep your windows sparkling clean.

  • Before you begin, vacuum your window screens to clean out dust and debris.
  • Before cleaning, use a vacuum or hose to remove as much dirt as possible from your windows. To prevent scratches, never rub dirt off your windows.
  • After removing excess dirt, prepare windows for cleaning by keeping them slightly wet.
  • When cleaning large windows, it’s easy to make smudges. To avoid smudges, use a long-handled squeegee or sponge.
  • If you see small scratches on your windows, polish them with toothpaste.
  • Window corners can be difficult to clean, even with a squeegee. To get those hard-to-reach corners, use a toothbrush with soft bristles or a cotton swab.
  • Another pitfall for window washers is the dreaded drip. To avoid this, clean from the top down. And, because dripping window cleaner can damage varnish, make sure that you don’t get any drips on your walls or woodwork.
  • When you do see a smudge while cleaning, it can be hard to know which side of the glass it’s on. To easily see which side a smudge is on, clean one side of the glass with horizontal strokes, and the other side with vertical strokes.
  • For that extra-clean sparkle, use these tricks: when windows are clean and dry, use a clean T-shirt, cloth diaper or blackboard eraser to polish the window. After that, polish the window again with a newspaper. Not only will the newspaper bring added brilliance to your windows, but it will also help deflect dirt in the future.

With our tips, your home window cleaning in Denton, TX will be more productive, and people will notice the difference in appearance. Don’t forget, your business needs beautiful windows too. Call Alta Clean whenever you need commercial window cleaning in Denton, TX. Our trained staff are professional and discreet, so your business can go on as usual without any interruptions. With over ten years in the commercial cleaning business, Alta Clean should be your first and only call for window cleaning in Denton, TX.
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Maintain Your Reputation with Our Janitorial Services in Denton TX

janitorial services dentonAlta Clean janitorial services in Denton TX offers cleanup like disinfecting, mopping, sweeping and more to keep your clean rooms (X-ray rooms, labs, etc.) sparkling and sanitary. Now, everyone knows the importance of keeping clean rooms well, clean. Because of this, places like hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories, etc. know they need to hire good janitorial services for their facilities in Denton TX and everywhere else.

Something that people don’t always remember is the fact that waiting rooms need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected just as much as clean rooms. According to Forensic Science Technician, healthcare waiting rooms are one of the 50 “germiest” places in the world, ranking number 33. It must be remembered that “waiting and emergency rooms witness a multitude of illnesses on an hourly basis, and the biohazard depositories alone probably contain enough disease-ridden blood, pus, saliva, metabolic waste, tissues, and other human leavings to kill a bull elephant.”

So, when you are looking for janitorial services in Denton TX for your healthcare facility, don’t forget to have us clean the waiting rooms, too.  Not only is keeping your waiting area clean important for health reasons, it could also have an impact on your business.  When patients come to a health facility they spend plenty of idle time in a waiting room.  If you don’t have janitorial services coming on a regular basis, what do you think patients can see?  When was the last time the baseboards were cleaned, or the artificial plants dusted?  Is your flooring in good condition?  Dirty carpets and tile floors are a huge turn off to patients and can negatively impact their opinion of you as their physician.

Gain the trust of your patients by using a janitorial service in Denton, TX that is known for its meticulous attention to detail. Our efficient, knowledgeable staff will help your entire building remain a clean and safe environment. We clean discreetly, so your business won’t be disrupted. Give us a call today at 877-755- 6993!

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