Why Carpet Cleaning Must Be Part Of Your Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services DallasKeeping your Dallas business clean requires the services of a commercial cleaning company.  Office cleaning means keeping visitor areas, break rooms, bathrooms and work cubicles sanitized and in good order, and that’s something that most business owners either don’t have the time or manpower for.  If you’re using a commercial cleaning service for your business or you’re looking for a great commercial cleaner like Alta Clean, remember that one of the most important things in your office to keep clean on a daily basis is your carpeting.  Daily vacuuming and twice-yearly deep cleaning make all the difference when it comes to having a workspace that’s not only attractive and welcoming but also healthy and clean.

Why Your Carpeting Must Be Clean

There are a number of reasons why keeping your office carpeting clean is a necessity:

  •   Carpeting, especially wall-to-wall carpeting, is expensive to replace.
  •   Carpeting is very noticeable because it covers a lot of area.
  •   Carpeting, especially in a waiting room, is one of the first things your customers will see.
  •   Carpeting is a magnet for germs and allergens that can make everyone in your business sick.  

What Can Make Your Carpeting Look, Feel and Smell Dirty

Allergens and disease-causing bacteria can enter through windows and doors and eventually settle into the fibers of your office carpeting.  In addition, everyone who steps foot into your business is going to track something nasty onto your carpeting, including dirt and grime that is present on most outdoor surfaces. Winter sidewalk salt, residual automotive fluids and chemicals on grass are things that can end up in your carpeting, breaking down fibers and leaving your carpeting looking and smelling dirty.

Why Professional Deep-Cleaning Makes the Difference

Regular, professional deep-cleaning with steam can prolong the life of your carpeting by removing all of these contaminants that build up over time.  Deep-cleaning can also protect your indoor air quality by neutralizing allergens and bacteria from your carpeting that can become dislodged and float through the air. In addition, it can remove nasty stains, eliminate dust mites and bed bugs and enhance the general attractiveness of your business.

Why Daily, Professional Cleaning Matters

You should have your office carpeting deep-cleaned by commercial cleaning services at least twice a year. In between deep-cleanings, though, they must ensure that your carpeting, especially carpeting in high-traffic areas, is vacuumed regularly.  This removes daily dirt and grit which can become embedded over time.  You and your employees must also be watchful for spills that should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid permanent discoloration of the carpet fibers.

If you’re ready to make your office carpeting, and the rest of your Dallas business, look great, call Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494 for professional commercial cleaning services.  You can also visit us online at www.altaclean.net to find out more about what we can do for you.

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Top Tips From The Best Hardwood Cleaners in Denton TX

Cleaners in Denton TX | Alta CleanDoes your office building have a lot of hard surface floors? If so, it’s important to keep them well-maintained (especially hardwood floors). A dingy floor can dampen the atmosphere of any room, and that’s never good for business! Alta Clean can keep your floors shining like new; when it comes to hard surface maintenance, we are the best cleaners in Denton, TX! We’ve got your business floors covered, but you may not have professional cleaners in Denton, TX for your home’s hardwood floors. If so, here are some home hardwood floor maintenance tips, straight from Mirage Hardwood Floors:



  • Sweep or vacuum regularly so abrasive dirt won’t scratch the finish.

  • Wipe up any spilled liquid quickly from your floor.

  • Watch out for high heels—they are hardwood flooring’s worst enemy after sand and water—and some kinds of sports footwear, particularly if they’re worn or damaged.

  • Put mats outside and inside entrances. This will prevent the build-up of sand and dirt on the floor.

  • Put mats in front of the kitchen sink, the dishwasher, and all kitchen work stations to protect your floor from dropped utensils and spills of water, detergent, and food.

  • Avoid mats with rubber or other dense backing that prevents airflow and traps abrasive dirt and moisture.

  • Attach felt pads to the feet of all furniture to make it easier to move and prevent scratches. Keep the pads clean and replace if damaged.

  • Replace plastic casters with wide rubber or soft polyurethane casters.

  • Protect the floor when moving furniture. Use a mat turned upside down with a slightly smaller piece of plywood on top of it. Place furniture on top and slide it.

  • Maintain humidity levels between 40 and 50%, for your own health as well as for the protection of your floor and wooden furniture.


  • Do not pour cleaner directly on the floor.

  • Do not use a wet mop that can leave excess water behind.

  • Never use floor wax, oil-based detergent, or any other household cleaner on your floor. These products can damage the finish and leave a greasy film that makes your floor slippery, difficult to maintain, and impossible to refinish without deep sanding and complete revarnishing.

  • Do not raise or lower the temperature of a radiant heating system by more than 2.8°C [5°F] per day when turning the system on or off.

Now you know how to maintain your home’s hardwood floors, and whenever you need commercial hardwood floor cleaners in Denton, TX, turn to Alta Clean. We’re a professional company you can trust. We’ll do your hard surface maintenance and cleanup as quickly and smoothly as possible, allowing you to get right back to work. When you call Alta Clean, you always know you’ve hired the best people for the job. Call our expert cleaners in Denton, TX for a quote today.


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Photo Credit:  © Depositphotos.com/Ahmet ercan Senkaya