Carpet Cleaning Dallas: Five Tips for Finding The Best Commercial Company

carpet cleaning DallasWhen hiring a professional service for carpet cleaning in Dallas, check into the company’s cleaning procedures. A low-cost service may cut corners that will leave your carpets spotty and full of contaminants –even if they’re not visible to the eye. Here are five procedures used by a good carpet cleaning company.

1- Daily Spot Removal

Even though office cleaners may vacuum carpets daily and shampoo them on a regular basis, they should be able to remove light spots from carpets caused by accidents or spills during the workday in your Dallas office with eco-friendly spot cleaner. Using spot removal products prevents the need for using heavy carpet cleaning later. By removing small spots as they appear, they won’t develop into large stains that will require more cleaning time and effort.

2- Use Authentic Sustainable Products

Lots of cleaning products bear the green label, but only some of them truly live up to the title. When ordering products for carpet cleaning Dallas, read labels and descriptions carefully. Test a small amount of the product on a small area before committing to use it for all your clients. Spot removers, in-tank and pre-spray solutions for nylon carpets should receive the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) seal of approval to ensure that they are quality, non-toxic products. Safe cleaning products for wool carpets will have the WoolSafe seal of approval.

3- Use Different Vacuums for Different Purposes

Backpack vacuums are much more efficient than traditional upright vacuums for cleaning offices with many individual workstations. Fitting the traditional vacuum into each workstation will take much longer than using a lightweight backpack vacuum. Traditional vacuums work fine for hallways, meeting rooms, lobbies and large open areas.

4- Vacuum as Often as Possible

The EPA and carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming at least two times a week, although office cleaning experts in Dallas think carpets should be vacuumed daily. Dirt, airborne particles, dander, dust mites, mud and other substances tracked in from outdoors are just some of the contaminants that are ground into carpets each day. That’s why vacuuming daily is so important. An efficient carpet cleaning Dallas schedule involves routine vacuuming and spot removal to save time and money on additional carpet shampooing or deep cleaning.

5- Hot Water Extraction is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet

Some office managers are under the mistaken impression that hot water extraction, more commonly known as steam cleaning, is detrimental to carpets. According to carpet cleaning experts Dallas, hot water extraction is the best way to thoroughly clean carpets. When steam cleaning is performed by professional cleaners in Dallas, soils, grease, skin, dander and other particles embedded in the carpet can be safely removed.

Alta Clean commercial cleaning service in Dallas offers professional carpet cleaning for businesses in the DFW area. Our services include steam cleaning, shampooing, spot removal and carpet repair/restoration by qualified professional cleaners. Call us today at 940-355-0494 for a free quote on carpet cleaning services Dallas for your business.

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