4 Carpet Cleaning Myths To Ask Your Pro Office Cleaners About

Cleaners Dallas TXAt Alta Clean, we can help you keep your Dallas, TX business looking great for you, your employees and your customers.  From hard surface cleaning to dusting and window washing, we offer comprehensive janitorial services for just about any kind of business.  One of the most important services we offer is carpet care and restoration.  Unfortunately, there are some business owners and managers who think that they can reduce their cleaning budget by eliminating daily carpet care and periodic deep cleaning.  Because carpets are underfoot, they think that no one will notice if they’re dirty or grimy.  If you’re one of those people who thinks it’s a good idea to cut carpet-cleaning corners, it may be because you’re laboring under some false assumptions about office carpet cleaning like:

Dark Carpeting Doesn’t Need Cleaning
If your office carpeting is dark-colored or has a bold pattern, you know that it gets just as dirty as light-colored carpeting – it just doesn’t show up as easily.  Regular vacuuming by your janitorial team is important for everyday cleaning but deep, steam cleaning is necessary to remove embedded dirt, ground-in grime and all of the disease-causing germs and allergens that only hot water can kill.  Both vacuuming and steam cleaning are also effective at removing bits of dirt and debris that act like sandpaper on carpet fibers.  Damaged fibers can cause your carpeting to wear out faster, which means you’ll have to replace it sooner than necessary.

No Customers On Your Carpeting Means No Cleaning Is Necessary
If you don’t have customers coming into your business or carpeting is only in employee-accessed areas, your carpeting still requires regular attention.   While your carpeting may not have to impress customers, it still has to look clean and be sanitary for your employees.  Working in an office with dirty carpeting can lower your employees’ morale, which can lead to lower productivity.  Keeping the work environment clean and healthy shows your employees that you care about them and it will also help when you’re trying to recruit new employees.

Vacuuming Is All The Care Your Carpets Need
Vacuuming is a vital part of carpet care and it is useful for removing dirt and debris from carpeting that can abrade and eventually discolor the fibers but it’s not the only thing your office carpeting needs.  Vacuuming can’t remove the dirt that’s fallen deep into the carpet fibers.  It can’t remove stains and it can’t kill bacteria living in your carpeting.  Regular steam cleaning by cleaning professionals can finish the job that vacuuming starts.

All You Should Look For In A Carpet Cleaning Company Is Great Equipment
There’s no doubt that good, state-of-the-art equipment is important, but the cleaning company you hire to take care of your office carpeting must have trained employees with experience cleaning all different types of carpeting.  If the technicians handling the machinery don’t know what they’re doing, you won’t get the carpet cleaning you expect.  In addition to being trained in using their equipment properly, pro cleaners know exactly which products, in which quantities, to use to get the best results.

Our professional carpet cleaners at Alta Clean will ensure that your carpeting looks good and is sanitized for everyone who enters your place of business.  Call us at Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494 to get expert help from cleaners who know how to make your business shine.  You can also visit www.altaclean.net to find out more about us and the services we offer.

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Keep Your Facility Smelling Great Between Cleaning Services in Dallas

Cleaning Services in DallasIf you own a business you may need cleaning services in Dallas to help ensure that your facility looks its best.  But you may want to ensure that your business or office smells great as well, so ask Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 for ideas on natural air fresheners that can help.

One method is to pour some ground cinnamon into small bowls and strategically place them in various areas around the office. Hidden in great spots, these bowls will emit a mild, pleasing scent.

For professional, thorough office cleaning services in Dallas, and to learn more about natural air fresheners, call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494. Your customers will appreciate great scents between cleanings.

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Top Tips From The Best Hardwood Cleaners in Denton TX

Cleaners in Denton TX | Alta CleanDoes your office building have a lot of hard surface floors? If so, it’s important to keep them well-maintained (especially hardwood floors). A dingy floor can dampen the atmosphere of any room, and that’s never good for business! Alta Clean can keep your floors shining like new; when it comes to hard surface maintenance, we are the best cleaners in Denton, TX! We’ve got your business floors covered, but you may not have professional cleaners in Denton, TX for your home’s hardwood floors. If so, here are some home hardwood floor maintenance tips, straight from Mirage Hardwood Floors:



  • Sweep or vacuum regularly so abrasive dirt won’t scratch the finish.

  • Wipe up any spilled liquid quickly from your floor.

  • Watch out for high heels—they are hardwood flooring’s worst enemy after sand and water—and some kinds of sports footwear, particularly if they’re worn or damaged.

  • Put mats outside and inside entrances. This will prevent the build-up of sand and dirt on the floor.

  • Put mats in front of the kitchen sink, the dishwasher, and all kitchen work stations to protect your floor from dropped utensils and spills of water, detergent, and food.

  • Avoid mats with rubber or other dense backing that prevents airflow and traps abrasive dirt and moisture.

  • Attach felt pads to the feet of all furniture to make it easier to move and prevent scratches. Keep the pads clean and replace if damaged.

  • Replace plastic casters with wide rubber or soft polyurethane casters.

  • Protect the floor when moving furniture. Use a mat turned upside down with a slightly smaller piece of plywood on top of it. Place furniture on top and slide it.

  • Maintain humidity levels between 40 and 50%, for your own health as well as for the protection of your floor and wooden furniture.


  • Do not pour cleaner directly on the floor.

  • Do not use a wet mop that can leave excess water behind.

  • Never use floor wax, oil-based detergent, or any other household cleaner on your floor. These products can damage the finish and leave a greasy film that makes your floor slippery, difficult to maintain, and impossible to refinish without deep sanding and complete revarnishing.

  • Do not raise or lower the temperature of a radiant heating system by more than 2.8°C [5°F] per day when turning the system on or off.

Now you know how to maintain your home’s hardwood floors, and whenever you need commercial hardwood floor cleaners in Denton, TX, turn to Alta Clean. We’re a professional company you can trust. We’ll do your hard surface maintenance and cleanup as quickly and smoothly as possible, allowing you to get right back to work. When you call Alta Clean, you always know you’ve hired the best people for the job. Call our expert cleaners in Denton, TX for a quote today.


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Photo Credit:  © Depositphotos.com/Ahmet ercan Senkaya