Office Cleaning Service Denton TX: Floor Waxing Protects Linoleum And Tile Floors

Denton, TexasLinoleum and tile floors in offices are subject to scratches, marks and ground-in dirt trailed in from outdoors. Hiring an office cleaning service Denton TX to sweep and mop floors on a daily or weekly basis keeps them clean after countless hours of wear and tear. But while mopping cleans up the mess, it’s only an after the fact way to keep things clean. A professional cleaning service in Denton, TX uses waxing to add a layer of protection to your office floor. By applying wax to a clean and dry floor, and removing the prior layer of wax, cleaning pros will make your floor more resistant to scuffs and stains. The floor wax process consists of three major steps. The cleaning solutions and equipment used may vary, according to the cleaning services preference.

1. Applying Stripping Solution

A professional office cleaning service Denton TX will prep your floor by removing furniture and other items. Workers will cordon it off and put up “Caution Wet Floor” signs. After dust mopping the floor, they’ll use a concentrated floor stripping solution and water solution to remove the old wax coating. The cleaners will use a mop to apply the solution. This loosens the floor finish. Before the stripping solution dries, the cleaner uses a floor buffer or auto scrubber to finish applying the solution. The buffer may need to go through a few passes on some sections of the floor to remove old wax. Most cleaning services use a wet recovery vacuum to remove dirty stripping solution.

2. Rinse, Dry and Clean Up

After applying stripping solution, the cleaners then use a water and floor stripping neutralizer to neutralize alkaline in the stripping solution. The team from your office cleaning service Denton TX then rinses the solution off corners and baseboards and wipes the whole area down with clean water to ensure it’s free of stripping solution.

3. Apply Wax

Office cleaners don’t need bulky machines to apply floor wax. They can apply non-toxic wax directly to a mop and apply the protective floor finish. After ensuring that the floor is stripped of old finish and completely dry, the professional office cleaner in Denton TX then applies four to five coats of wax., using a specific pattern as they mop the area. This provides equal protection for the entire space. All the coats must be allowed to dry or “cure” for eight hours before people can walk on it again. The amount of curing time may vary, depending on the floor wax and procedure used by the Denton TX cleaning service.

Give your office floor that extra layer of protection and shine by hiring Alta Clean office cleaning service Denton TX to clean, maintain and wax your floors. We use safe but strong cleaning solutions to keep your floors looking their best, even if it takes a beating from employees and daily abrasions. Call us today at 940-355-0494 for the best office cleaning in Denton TX. We’ll keep your floors and the rest of your office sparkling clean.

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