Keep Your Office Healthy This Flu Season with a Janitorial Service

Dallas Janitorial ServiceFlu season is in full swing, and germs seem to be everywhere, including office spaces. Employees snatch up an average of 50 million sick days each year, hiring the right Dallas janitorial service can help keep employees healthy in their offices. Four big factors cause more sickness at the office than anything else without a professional cleaning service:

Not Using Disinfectant – Cleaning doesn’t require just effort; the tools used to clean makes all the difference as to whether or not your office is a safe place to work. Just wiping down the kitchen with a dishcloth does more harm than good, because a dishcloth can contain up to four billion living germs. The right janitorial service uses high-quality cleaning products to remove bacteria that can’t disappear with just soap and water.

Not Cleaning Objects Often Enough – Our hands spread germs faster than anything else, and office spaces have certain areas that are used with our hands more than others. Not all janitorial services can clean personal items we handle such as desktops, phones, and keyboards. It’s important to make sure a cleaning company is thorough so pesky common areas like doorknobs and light switches are cleaned regularly to keep your office healthy.

Not Dusting Popular Areas – Dust can accumulate on top of high-traffic areas like the tops of refrigerators and underneath tables. Not only can dust particles be irritating, but germs can harbor on these surfaces and spread when the dust is kicked up. Forgetting an area long enough can even lead to mold, which presents more danger in an office. Not all Dallas janitorial services will have an eye for detail, but dust is not something in the office that a company should overlook.

Not Washing the Floor – A floor is a place that never gets enough attention, even though germs are carried around on the bottom of shoes throughout an office every single day. A dirty floor is not only an eyesore, but can be a breeding ground for viruses, especially if that floor is also damp or dusty. In the winter, snow, mud, and germs are tracked into an office even more than other seasons. Having your office floor cleaned creates a healthier work space from the ground up.

The average employee spends 40 hours a week in their office. With so many employees in one area, hire the Dallas janitorial service that will keep everyone healthy and happy this flu season. Call (940) 355-0494 or visit the Alta Clean website at to say goodbye to those pesky office germs.

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