Cleaners Denton TX: How To Keep Your Workplace Clean And Germ-Free

Cleaners Denton TXFlu season is here, and that means professional cleaners Denton TX are busier than ever keeping businesses in North Texas spotless and germ-free.  Though a great cleaning company is vital to maintaining a neat, orderly and sanitary environment for your employees and customers, you must also do your part to minimize harmful germs and allergens.

Cleaning Service Denton TX:  What Happens When Your Business Isn’t Clean
If cleaning your place of business is something of an afterthought for you, you’re putting everyone who enters it into danger.  Of course, a disorderly business can lead to trips, falls and various other injuries; but the main danger in most workplaces is from germs and allergens that float around and adhere to surfaces.  If your business is a breeding ground for these organisms, you’ll experience more absenteeism when your employees are sick with the flu, colds or extreme allergic reactions.  Fewer employees to do the work leads to less productivity and, subsequently, lower profits.  When your customers are faced with the choice to do business with a slovenly company or a clean one, they’ll choose the clean company every time, often even if they have to pay more for goods or services.

Cleaners Denton TX:  Where Your Business Needs Help
Because your cleaning company can’t be in your business every minute of the day, you should pay attention to areas of your business that can quickly become germ havens.  Areas that may require you to sanitize them between visits from your cleaning crew include toilets and flush handles, telephones,  desktops, light switches, door handles, refrigerators, coffee pots, keyboards, copy machines and elevator buttons.  To prevent the further spread of germs, it is especially important for you to check these periodically during the day if you’ve already had an outbreak of employee illnesses.

Cleaning Services Denton TX:  What To Tell Your Employees About Workplace Cleanliness
Aside from a little extra cleaning, there are some things you can advise your employees to do to keep your business more germ-free:

Encourage them to get flu shots every year.

Tell them that taking sick days off is better than coming to work and infecting coworkers and customers.

Remind them to wash their hands frequently and to avoid sneezing into their hands.

Provide each of your employees with a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to keep their work areas clean.

Tell them to bypass handshaking if possible.

Choose the Best Cleaning Services Denton TX

Great professional cleaners Denton TX have the right products and trained employees who know what has to be done to keep your workplace environment clean and as germ-free as possible.  When you allow Alta Clean to take care of your place of business, you can be sure that we’ll do everything in our power to make your business shine.  Call us at (940) 355-0494 or visit us online at to find out more about our full range of services.

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