Carpet Cleaning for Denton, TX Businesses Extends Carpet Life

Carpet Cleaning Denton TXThe biggest reason for businesses to opt for professional carpet cleaning in Denton, TX is that, even with regular vacuuming, frequent traffic means that soil is always accumulating on carpeting. This happens in any kind of business, whether it is an office, a clinic, or a retail setting. More than keeping your carpets as clean as possible is the importance of removing that accumulated dirt. According to CleanLink, dry soil is one of the most destructive elements for carpets. It is granular and abrasive and cuts at your carpet’s pile from the top down as well as the bottom up, greatly reducing the life of even commercial-grade carpeting.

The damaging effects of soil on floor coverings is essentially the reason that most carpets’ warranties require that carpets be professionally cleaned every two years or less, depending on the manufacturer. Carpet companies cannot guarantee that any carpet will last for a significant amount of time if it is not cared for properly, and that means professional carpet cleaning for Denton TX businesses.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denton, TX Keeps Your Employees Healthy

In addition to extending the life of your carpeting, a professional cleaning will also help keep your workplace environment healthy. Deeply and thoroughly cleaning carpets rids them of all types of allergens including pollen, dust, and dust mites. To really ensure that your indoor air quality remains high, the Huffington Post recommends professional carpet cleaning as often as every six months. For a business with a lot of foot traffic, the six-month rule shifts from a helpful suggestion to a bare minimum, especially if your business is pet-related or even just allows pets to accompany customers into the premises.

There are always those who like to do things themselves, but when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics and the environment in your business, hiring a professional is the best option. Not only do they have the proper equipment, but they will also make it their job to clean your carpets on your schedule, ensuring that keeping a clean floor does not interfere with business as usual. When you need professional carpet cleaning in Denton TX, Alta Clean is the janitorial service to call. They are happy to offer all their services to you, or just the ones you need help with, such as regularly scheduled carpet cleaning. Alta Clean will clean the floors at your business as often as daily, if necessary, or can come in once, twice, or three times a week. You can also get on a six-month carpet cleaning schedule. Call Alta Clean today  at 940-355-0494 to extend the life of your carpets.

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