Carpet Cleaning Denton TX: Extend the Life of Carpet Floors

Carpet Cleaning Denton TXCarpet cleaning in Denton, TX is one of the best ways to extend the life of your carpeting. Replacing carpet — even just in a few bedrooms of your home — can be costly and time consuming. Proper carpet care and cleaning is key to maintaining this type of flooring. The experts at Alta Clean in Denton, TX are trained to use the best family- and pet-safe products for residential and commercial floor cleaning.

If it is time to replace your carpet, don’t forget to get new carpet padding, also. Padding helps absorb daily impact that shortens carpet’s lifespan. There are a variety of carpet pads available to go along with various types of carpet. Other tips for keeping new carpet in good shape include banning shoes in carpeted rooms, using carpet runners in high-traffic areas and cleaning up spills and stains right away.

Vacuuming regularly is another important step you can take yourself to care for carpeting, but occasional professional cleanings are equally important. Foot traffic, pets and kids can take a toll on a once-spotless and inviting carpet. Professional cleaning solutions and equipment remove dust, dirt, debris and even mold that household vacuums can’t battle. A professional cleaning service is also best equipped to handle stains and residue.

In addition to shampooing and steam options for carpet cleaning in Denton, TX, Alta Clean takes care of upholstery, fabrics, area rugs and drapes. Our service includes spot and stain removal, sanitation and odor removal, carpet protectant application and carpet repairs and restoration. Moreover, we can take care of other types of flooring in your house, too. Tile and hard surfaces floors are no match for our sanitation professionals. Our company is different in that the cleaning agents and methods we use remove bacteria and mold and mildew spores – not just visible dirt and stains. Your home will not only look clean and inviting, but also will smell fresh and create a healthier environment for your family.

Alta Clean’s janitorial services go beyond carpet cleaning in Denton, TX. We have a full like of janitorial supplies to help businesses with sterile room sanitation, high dusting, restrooms, school cleaning, office partition cleaning, windows, hard surface finishing, construction cleanup and more. We respect your area and work efficiently and effectively. From carpet care to commercial specialty services, we are prepared to tackle your request. Our custom cleaning schedules are flexible to fit your needs. Call Alta Clean today at 940-355-0494 for help making your residential and commercial spaces look their best again.

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