Carpet Cleaning Denton TX: 4 Reasons You Need Professional Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Denton TXDoes your North Texas business have wall-to-wall carpeting in at least one area?  Do your customers have access to those areas?  If you answered yes to both questions, then you need professional carpet cleaning in Denton TX. The overall cleanliness of your business – any business – is important to the way your customers perceive it.  A dirty or unkempt carpet or bathrooms or waiting area will have your customers wondering if your uncaring attitude carries over into the work they’re paying you to do.

If you have a janitorial service that is supposed to take care of your carpeting or you have assigned a staff member to vacuum and clean up but your carpeting is still stained and unsightly, it’s time to get expert help with your carpet cleaning in Denton TX.  Here’s what professionals can give you that you can’t get anywhere else:

1.  Knowledge and Experience.   No matter what kind of carpet or what kind of stains you have, an experienced pro has seen it before.  Whether your carpeting is made of olefin and polypropylene or nylon and whether it has loop fibers or cut pile, carpet cleaning experts will know how to remove stubborn stains and how to improve its overall look.  In addition to their experience, pros also have months, and sometimes years, of training in how to choose and use the right products and equipment.

2.  Equipment, Products and Methods.   A professional carpet cleaning company has professional-grade equipment that you and even some janitorial services companies don’t have access to.  They have high-powered vacuums that are effective at removing allergens, pollutants, trapped dirt, insects, insect droppings and much more.  In addition, they have high-heat systems that can thoroughly sanitize your company’s carpeting by killing bacteria, dust mites and other insects that burrow deep into it.  Once your carpeting is cleaned with moist heat, they have powerful extractors that can remove water from the carpet, which will accelerate drying time and keep mold and mildew from growing.  They also have specialty cleaning products that are more powerful than those found over-the-counter that can spot-treat problem areas.

3. Protection for Your Carpet Investment.   Commercial carpeting, especially a lot of it, is expensive.  Professional carpet cleaning in Denton TX can extend the life of the carpeting you have by removing dirt and debris that can damage pile and backing.  Their cleaning products and methods won’t bleach or yellow your carpeting; and they won’t cause your carpeting to shrink, stretch or mat.  If you have a warranty on your carpeting, professional products and methods won’t damage the carpeting and void the warranty.

4. Extras.   Carpet cleaning pros can often offer you green alternatives to their cleaning products that are safe for you, your employees, your customers and Mother Earth.  They can save you time and money by using the best products and equipment to allow them to clean quickly or at night, which will save you downtime especially when deep-cleaning is required.

Why not show your customers, and your employees, that they matter to you by having your carpeting professionally cleaned.  For the best carpet cleaning in Denton TX, call us at Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494. You can also use our online contact form at

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