Cleaning Services In Dallas offers 6 Tips For Keeping A Clean Office

Cleaning Services DallasAt Alta Clean, we provide cleaning services to the Dallas area that keep our clients’ places of business looking great every day; but if you don’t have professional cleaning services coming into your office regularly, it can be hard to try to run your business and take care of the cleaning at the same time.  Here are some tips that will make it easier for you and your staff to keep it clean and uncluttered:

1 – Think Like A Customer
Take a good, hard look at your office as if you were a customer walking in for the first time.  It’s easy when you work in a place every day to get used to the way things look, feel and smell; but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable or healthy.  You can also enlist the help of a spouse or someone else who’s never been in your office and who will have a more critical eye than you.

2 – Go Paperless
Paper is not only an expensive resource, it causes a huge amount of clutter on a desk and in an office. Where you can, eliminate paper waste by storing files electronically and using the internet for written communication as much as possible.

3 – Clean Up Food Debris
If you can, ask your employees not to eat at their desks or workstations but in the breakroom.  If they have food in or on their desks, make sure it’s cleaned up immediately to make work areas look neater and to avoid insect infestations.  To keep your breakroom as crumb-free as possible, keep a broom and dustpan nearby along with paper towels and spray surface cleaner.  Pick one day each month to clean the refrigerator out so that you don’t end up with moldy containers of food in the fridge.

4 – Keep Cleaning Supplies On Hand
Even if you hire a company like Alta Clean to handle cleaning services for your Dallas-area business, you should keep a basket of cleaning supplies around for emergencies and for cleaning things that can get dirty a lot.  Keep paper towels, a spray cleaner, microfiber cloths, furniture polish, rubbing alcohol and a package of moistened wipes made for electronics around for between-janitor-visits cleaning.  It’s a good idea to use the wipes on a daily basis to clean especially-germy surfaces like telephones, keyboards, and computer mice.

5 – Purge And Declutter
Clutter doesn’t have to be dirty for it to be bad for your business.  Too many items can create a dangerous working environment for employees who can’t quickly access exits in case of an emergency.  In addition, clutter creates a tripping/falling hazard for your employees and your customers.  Make sure you actually need all of the items you have in your office, including personal knick-knacks, potted plants, furniture and electronics.

6 – Get Professional Help
If you find you’re spending more time cleaning than working at making your business successful, it may be time to throw in the towel and call the pros for help.  Professional office cleaners have one job – cleaning – and they do it well.  Professionals have a cleaning routine that enables them to clean and sanitize every area of your office thoroughly and efficiently.

To ensure that your office is a clean, healthful environment for both you and your customers, give us a call at Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494.  You can also visit us online at to find out more about us and our services.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial Cleaning Company DentonEven if you’ve narrowed your selection down to just a few options, you need to be very thorough when choosing a commercial cleaning company for your facility in Denton.  Just picking a company without doing your research on them could lead to many problems down the road. Here are 4 tips for selecting the right cleaning company for your commercial property:

  • Look at reviews and retention rate
  • How do they screen their employees?
  • How do they handle special requests or unique situations?
  • What is their accountability program?

If you’ve done your homework right, you will find that Alta Clean will meet what you need in a commercial cleaning company in Denton, TX. Call us today at (940)355-0494 to see what services we can offer your organization. Or visit us online at

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Floor Cleaning Denton TX: Clean Floors for Your Business

Floor Cleaning Denton TXWhen you own a business in North Texas, keeping it clean is one of the most important things you can do to show your employees and customers you care about them, and that’s where professional floor cleaning Denton TX can help.  At Alta Clean, we know that your flooring is the part of your business that your customers and employees see the most, whether they’re in the waiting room, the conference room or the restroom.  We also know that carpet and floor maintenance requires attention for reasons other than appearance: employee and customer health and safety are also affected by poorly-maintained flooring.

Floor Cleaning Denton TX:  Daily Maintenance Is Imperative
In your home, you know how quickly pet hair, grass, crumbs and dirt can collect on your floors.  The same happens in your business, but the debris usually includes parking lot gravel, dirt and other materials that can be carried in on shoes and are abrasive enough to damage carpeting and smooth-surfaced flooring.  It is important that this loose debris be removed by vacuuming, sweeping or mopping floors and carpets on a regular basis.  Lack of this routine maintenance will ensure that your flooring won’t last for its warrantied lifespan and will have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Cleaners Denton TX:  Sanitizing Your Flooring Is Key To Employee Health
Flooring, especially bathroom flooring and carpeting, harbor millions of bacteria and germs.  Though there is no way to completely eliminate bacteria from any surface, the right chemicals and cleaners can make a big dent in reducing the population of these disease-and allergy-causing agents.  In addition to vacuuming, your carpeting should be steam-cleaned on a regular basis to aid in disinfection of all of the areas that are open to customers and employees.  If you prefer your cleaner to use green cleaning methods, there are many options in environmentally- and people-safe cleaners that they can use that are as effective as typical chemical products.

Cleaning Services Denton TX:  A Professional Cleaner Will Know How To Treat Your Flooring
When you hire a professional cleaning company, especially Alta Clean, to maintain your floors and carpeting, you can be sure that they will keep floors looking good every day and for as long as possible.  Professionals not only know how to clean your carpeting gently to keep carpet fibers intact and to guard against discoloration, but they also know how to keep your floors polished and gleaming.  A professionally-cleaned floor or carpet will improve your employee morale and show your clients that you care about them and your business.

To get top-of-the-line janitorial services and floor cleaning Denton TX, call us at Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494.  At Alta Clean, our expert technicians will care for your flooring so that you can maintain a healthy, attractive environment for your employees and customers.  Visit us at to find out more about our full line of commercial cleaning services.

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Keep Your Facility Smelling Great Between Cleaning Services in Dallas

Cleaning Services in DallasIf you own a business you may need cleaning services in Dallas to help ensure that your facility looks its best.  But you may want to ensure that your business or office smells great as well, so ask Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 for ideas on natural air fresheners that can help.

One method is to pour some ground cinnamon into small bowls and strategically place them in various areas around the office. Hidden in great spots, these bowls will emit a mild, pleasing scent.

For professional, thorough office cleaning services in Dallas, and to learn more about natural air fresheners, call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494. Your customers will appreciate great scents between cleanings.

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Cleaning Service Denton TX: Tips for a Tidier Workspace

Cleaning Service Denton TXA professional cleaning service Denton TX does a lot more than vacuum, wash windows and empty wastebaskets. Experienced cleaners are trained to keep the area around cubicles and desks clean, but it’s up to employees to make sure their workspaces are tidy and organized. A messy workspace does more than make it hard to find reports or other papers. It can also contribute to an unhealthy and inefficient work environment that affects the entire office.

The night cleaning crew will vacuum under and around your desk, empty your wastebasket, and do other routine cleanings. Depending on the cleaning company and your office management, they may have other, more specific tasks to perform in and around employee workstations. However, keeping the desk clean and free of crumbs, spills, and other potential health hazards is up to the employee.

Cleaning Service Denton TX:  How You Can Keep Your Desk Tidy
No matter how busy you are throughout the week, always set aside time to clean your desk. Organizing and checking papers, folders and office supplies is important for your productivity and your peace of mind. A dusty desk can interfere with your computer or laptop’s operation. Stray crumbs in desk corners may attract insects.

A cluttered desk makes your job more stressful and may even get you in trouble with your boss if you can’t find a report or your mouse won’t work when you try to check a spreadsheet because there’s too much dust in it.

Cleaning Service Denton TX:  Eliminate Germs and Bacteria in Your Workspace
Phone receivers, keypads, your computer mouse and Smartphone are all breeding grounds for bacteria. Instead of using a paper towel or compressed air, shut off your electronic equipment once in awhile and clean cases, keyboards and monitors with a gentle disinfectant.

If you eat lunch at your desk, be sure to clean surfaces as soon as you finish your meal. Avoid keeping fruit and other perishable food in your desk, which can cause mold if left there for too long. If you must keep food in your desk instead of in the break room, choose packaged foods, such as candy bars.

Even if you don’t eat or drink at your desk, make-up kits and other items are magnets for bacteria. Keep items unrelated to your job at a minimum in your workspace. This will lessen the chance of clutter and bacteria.

Alta Clean: The Best Cleaning Service Denton TX

The trained, experienced cleaners at Alta Clean know how to spot problem areas around workspaces that may cause dirt or bacteria to affect the rest of the office. Alta Clean’s staff uses environmentally safe products, and they can perform standard office cleaning daily, weekly or a few times a week.  Call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 for more information. We were voted “The Best of Denton County” by Murray Media Group in 2014.

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Tips for Hiring a Great Janitorial Service Denton TX

Janitorial Service Denton TXWhen you use a janitorial service Denton TX, there are a few simple tips that help you get the most out of this service. The first thing you should consider is which areas of your office you want cleaned and what the cleaners should leave alone. Go over all this with the cleaning service, and make sure that they always have access to these areas, especially if you ever change codes or locks. Also, don’t just hire your service over the phone. Take the time to meet the people who will do the actual work.

Call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 to find out how our janitorial service Denton TX can help you with all your office cleaning needs.

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Office Cleaning Service Denton TX: 5 Tips For Choosing A Service

Office Cleaning Service Denton TXA clean workplace matters to your customers and employees, so hiring a professional office cleaning service Denton TX should be at the top of your priority list.  Because the cleaners you hire play an important role in your company, you should take as much care in selecting the right ones as you do in selecting the employees who work for you.  Here are 5 tips that will help you choose a cleaning team that will make your business shine:

1 – Office Cleaning Services Denton TX:  Get Quotes From Multiple Companies
While you may not think that cleaning is skilled labor that requires getting price quotes from and interviewing multiple companies, remember that you’re trusting your cleaning service to have access to every area of your business and to clean possibly sensitive and probably expensive equipment.  Additionally, different cleaning companies offer different levels of service; when you stop with the first cleaner you call, you may be missing out on vital services like upholstery cleaning, floor refinishing and odor removal that you didn’t know you could get.  Most importantly, the only way to be sure that you’re not overpaying for your cleaning service is to interview at least three cleaning companies to compare prices and services side-by-side.

2 – Cleaning Service Denton TX:  Get References
Once you’ve narrowed down your list of choices to two or three, get references from each of them.  Call the references to find out if they’re happy with the services they received and, if possible, visit the businesses who have worked with the cleaners you’re thinking of hiring to see for yourself the kind of job they do.

3 – Office Cleaning Services Denton TX:  Find Out How They Hire Their Employees
Always ask about how a cleaning company vets their employees to make sure that the people entering your place of business after hours are trustworthy.  Also, make sure to ask if the company and its employees are bonded and insured to protect you from any monetary loss should one of the cleaning company’s employees steal from you, break something accidentally or get hurt on your premises.

4 – Office Cleaning Services Denton TX:  Ask How Long They’ve Been In Business
Usually, but not always, companies stay in business for a long time when they do their jobs well and have satisfied customers.  This is true for cleaning companies as well.  Ask how long a cleaning company has been in the cleaning business and factor that into your decision.

5 – Cleaning Service Denton TX:  Read The Contract
Once you’ve chosen a cleaning company, don’t be afraid to read the contract they want you to sign.  A reputable company won’t deliberately omit a service or increase a price on their contract; but mistakes do happen.  It’s best to take the time to read the contract and to go over the details with the cleaning company’s representative so you’re not unpleasantly surprised once cleaning service starts.

At Alta Clean, we are the best professional office cleaning service Denton TX, and we would be happy to add your company to the list of businesses we clean and maintain in North Texas.  Call us at (940) 355-0494 or visit us at to set up an appointment for a cleaning consultation today.

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Office Cleaning Services Denton TX: The Benefits Of A Clean Business

Office Cleaning Services Denton TXIf you own or run a business, professional office cleaning services Denton TX should be a priority.  Why is it so important to devote a portion of your operating budget to cleaning?  Because workplace cleanliness matters, regardless of the size or kind of business you have.  Your business should look its best for your customers and should be a healthy, sanitary work environment for your staff.  These are some of the benefits of having your business professionally cleaned:

Benefits of Hiring Cleaners Denton TX:  Improved Employee Morale And Productivity
Think about how depressed you get walking into your home after work when it’s messy and needs vacuuming.  That’s how your employees feel walking into your business when it’s dirty.  Clutter and filth make it hard to concentrate on the job, and it also shows your employees that you don’t really care about where they have to work. And if you try to assign one employee to clean up after everyone else, you can be sure that employee will either not do the job well or may quit.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Services Denton TX:  Fewer Employee Sick Days

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you know most of the bacteria and allergens that populate your office will be taken care of.  Not only do professionals clean obvious sources of germs like bathrooms, they also know that they have to deep-clean rugs and thoroughly clean door handles, telephone receivers and break areas.  When your employees are exposed to fewer contaminants, they get sick less often.  Fewer sick days mean increased productivity.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Service Denton TX:  Saving Money

If you think cleaning your business yourself is a good idea, remember that you will have to buy and maintain equipment and either train employees to do the job or hire new employees specifically to clean.  Hiring a professional service means they buy and maintain the equipment and train their employees.  Another cost benefit is that properly-maintained office furniture, fixtures and flooring will last longer.  This means you will save money on replacements.

Benefits of Cleaners Denton TX:  Better Business Image

In addition to your employees feeling better about where they work, they may even recommend your business to people seeking employment; a clean, comfortable work environment can go a long way in recruiting and retaining the most skilled people for your company.  As for your customers, nothing shows that they matter to you more than a clean, inviting space for them to visit when they want to do business with you.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Service Denton TX:  You Can Focus On Your Business

You’ll be able to concentrate on your business when you remove the added burden of worrying about office cleanliness or hiring and supervising an in-house cleaning staff to do the job.  When cleaning isn’t something you or your staff have to think about, you’ll be able to concentrate on your job and on how to make your business more profitable.

Make professional office cleaning services Denton TX part of your business plan.  When you call Alta Clean at (940) 355-0494, you can be sure that we’ll keep your business clean and well-maintained and ensure that your employees have a healthy work environment.  Call us today and visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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Cleaning Services Denton TX: How to Clean Your Child’s Blocks

Cleaning Services Denton TXIf you’ve got children, you probably already know that there are things you need to do on your own between appointments for cleaning services Denton TX. Alta Clean can help with tips and tricks that allow you to keep your house cleaning sanity.

One way to keep your child’s toys clean between visits from the cleaning professionals is to throw smaller plastic or wooden toys (such as building blocks) into a lingerie bag, throw the bag into the washing machine, and let the machine do the work for you. To deaden the sound, wash the blocks with other clothes, such as towels.

Call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 for more tips and tricks to keep toys clean and germ-free between visits from cleaning services Denton TX.

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Window Cleaning Denton TX: 4 Tips for Spring Window Cleaning Prep

Window Cleaning Denton TXAs spring inches closer, it’s time to think about freshening up your business’s look with window cleaning Denton TX. Keeping clean windows not only maintains visual appeal, but it also protects your windows. Seasonal cleaning is important in maintaining the integrity of your windows, as winter ice can crack or erode sealants and caulking while freezing temperatures can cause the panes to shift and separate in their frames. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when you are prepping for spring window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Denton TX: Make Sure You’re Dealing With Pros
If you have a large amount of windows in your business or your building has more than one story or windows that are placed at awkward turns or bends, it is imperative that you choose a window cleaning service Denton TX, like Alta Clean, who have the professional tools and experience for difficult window cleaning.

Cleaners Denton TX: Make a List and Check It Twice
Another important step to prepping for your window cleaners is to make sure you do a thorough inspection of all of the windows in your business. Make sure to note any issues, no matter how big or small, and decide whether or not these are issues your landlord needs to deal with, or if it would be considered a part of the regular window cleaning service.

Cleaning Service Denton TX: Set a Budget
Be mindful of additional expenses that may likely occur separately from your window cleaning service, such as a crack or seal issue that your window cleaning professionals may discover during their work. Having a budget outlined for issues like these, whether or not something does come up, will better prepare you to deal with the problem as needed and in a manner that is efficient for your business.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Windows
Once the windows are clean for spring, make sure you continue to care for them during the spring and summer season to avoid maintenance costs in the future. Lubricate all hinges and tracks with some sort of silicon lubricant and make sure screens are in good repair.

Windows are crucial to the successful promotion and function of your business. Cloudy or dirty windows can make employees and clients feel negative about the business, and broken windows can make your business seem unprofessional (or worse, out of business). Call Alta Clean at 940-355-0494 to schedule a quote for the best window cleaning Denton TX. We are a team of commercial janitorial cleaning professionals you can depend on.

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